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clothes make the man

You’ve heard the saying, “Clothes make the man?” Well, at Puritan Cleaners we take that saying to heart, making sure that your garments come back to you looking fantastic so that you, in turn, can look your best. To accomplish our mission, we utilize state-of-the-art dry cleaning equipment, the latest in high-tech computer systems and a unique dedication to providing you with superior service.

You can count on us to do the big things – such as clean and press your clothes with precision – as well as the small things – such as sew a broken seam, return a misplaced item in your pocket, replace a missing or broken button, use collar supports for your shirts, and even fold and finish your shirt just the way you like it.

There’s Clean, And Then There’s Puritan Clean …

environmentally safe processes

You’ve spent good money on your clothes, your delicate linens, your bright silks and other fabrics. The last thing you want is to see them ruined when having them cleaned. At Puritan Dry Cleaners, we go above and beyond the services offered by most dry cleaners and use only the best, environmentally safe processes and non-toxic solvents to treat and freshen your garments and linens.

our dry cleaning services

  • Are less abrasive than machine washing so your clothes last longer
  • Don’t use water so colors won’t run and fabric won’t shrink
  • Save you from having to wash, iron, fold and hang your clothes
  • Ensure special fabrics, like linen, are handled appropriately to avoid damage
  • Eliminate hard to get rid of stains and odors
  • And more

fabric expertise

not sure of the best way to clean a certain fabric? Let us share our knowledge with you

professional finishing

to give your garments a crisp, wrinkle-free appearance that makes them look like new

garment storage

that offers protection from insects, fire, burglary, flood and mildew

cleaning household items

such as blankets, comforters, decorative pillows, rugs, drapes and more

garment preservation

that helps prolong the life of a garment for years and years

stain and odor removal

we use complex procedures and special chemicals to remove stains and odors

To learn much more about our individual services, please click the appropriate link in the Services tab in the navigation menu at the top of the page.

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Plus, before we return any garment to you we will conduct a thorough inspection to ensure your garment meets our high expectations for cleanliness and presentation. If we spot a problem, the garment will be sent back to receive further attention.

Also remember, we feature a free pickup and delivery service that is a great time saver.

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